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Odynet Inc was one of the first ISP's to offer High Speed DSL Internet connections when the technology first became available back in 1998. Our services and packages have continued to evolve over the years both for Business and Residential connections. This experience combined with our many previous years of offering dial-up Internet access make Odynet a great choice for your current connection needs.
We like doing what we do, and will do whatever we can to make your Internet experience the best it can be.

If you are interested in a High-Speed DSL connection but do not have or do not want a conventional telephone line, see our Dry-Loop DSL section below for details.

Residential DSL Connectivity Options Switch to Business DSL Options
High Speed
High Speed
Res6 /200
High Speed
Res6 Unlimited
High Speed
Res10 /250
High Speed
Res15 /300
Max Speed:

6 Mbps
0.8 Mbps

6 Mbps
0.8 Mbps

6 Mbps
0.8 Mbps

10 Mbps
1.2 Mbps

15 Mbps
1.0 Mbps
50 Gig
200 Gig
250 Gig
300 Gig
Additional Bandwidth
$0.25/Gig (max $25)
$0.25/Gig (max $25)
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DSL Modem / Router
* * * Take note of our Free Modem Special * * *
ADSL2/2+ modem included with these services (requires $25 deposit)
4 Port Wireless
DSL Modem / Router
or upgrade the modem from above
to a 4 port wireless modem/router for $3 / month (requires $25 deposit)
* Free Modem Rental is promotion limited to new, first time Odynet Customers.
** Services must be paid for with either Pre Authorized Banking or Credit Card.
(Services / pricing subject to change)

Don't have a phone line?
We can install something called a "Dry Loop"
A Dry loop is a service we can add to your DSL service that will allow us to use the copper wire that runs between your house and the Bell office. (without having to have phone service) Very popular these days!
Dry Loop service is $10/month plus a one time install fee of $15
(Much less expensive than paying for phone service)

On top of the rate for DSL service you will need a DSL modem to use the service. 
There are several options available for modems. (if you do not already have a DSL modem
or one is not included with the package you subscribe to)

Rent ADSL2+ modem $5/month (+ $25 deposit)
ADSL2+ DSL modem $75 (+ taxes)
ADSL2+ 4 Port Wireless modem/router $100 (+ taxes)
DSL Line Filter $5 (+ taxes)
Canada Post Express shipping charge $13 (+ taxes)

Click here to find out about the DSL install process