Sunyjim's Paintball Club


-originally created by Durty Dan

Capture the Flag - The most played paintball game.
Objective - Pull the opponents flag off the flag station or eliminate the other team.
Two opposing teams each try to pull the enemy flag off their flag station. Each team has a flag station with one flag on it.

Center Flag
Objective - Return the center flag to your flag station or team elimination
Two opposing teams try to get a single center flag to the enemy's flag station. Each team has a flag station with no flag. There is a central location where a single flag is hung.

Defend the Fort
Objective - Team elimination.
One team defends a fortification or building and the other attempts to eliminate the defending team

Objective - Team elimination or Rambo elimination
Someone to be Rambo is picked. Rambo gets 100 paintballs. Everyone "hunting" Rambo gets 10 paintballs. There are two ways that this game can be played -
(1) Rambo tries to get from his flag station to the enemy flag station
(2) Rambo is given a 5 minute lead on the paintball field. The hunters then proceed to "hunt" Rambo

Objective - Player elimination or capture the flag.
Two opposing teams each try to eliminate the other team or get the enemy flag back to their flag station, depending on which game is being played. Each player goes into the game with only 21 paintballs

The Trail Game
Objective - Team elimination
In The Trail game there are two teams and the object of the game is to get the center flag past the starting point of the other team. The game is played on a long trail with both teams starting on either side of the trail. There is a flag placed in the center of the trail. The game seems easy but there is a catch... the flag cannot leave the trail. Players must drop the flag on the trail and dive off the trail to take cover.

Shoot the Captain
Objective - Eliminate the Captain
Team is brought to their flag station, captains gun is tied to the flag post by a 20 ft rope, Captain can't undue the tether, but have unlimited ammo, and if they wish to escape they must leave their gun and remain unarmed. No one may use their gun or ammo. All other players have 10 rounds

Objective - Team Survival
Start the game with two teams, twice as many players on one team than the other. The team with the fewer number of players are the predators, and the other team are the prey. When a predator is shot, he is dead and out of the game, however when a prey is shot he becomes a predator. When either all the Predators are dead or all the prey is dead is when the game is over.

Objective - Player or team elimination.
Two teams each pick a commander. Each commander either wears a unique arm band, hat, or something that distinguishes him from the other players. All players are made aware of what each commander has that identifies him as the commander. Each team begins at their flag station. You win the game by either eliminating the other team's commander or by safely escorting your commander to the enemy's flag station. Only he may pull an enemy teams flag

El Presidente
Objective - Eliminate the president
A four person game. One guy is the president. He wears a hat or a bandana to identify him. He has NO GUN. One person is the sniper and goes out in the field and finds a spot 5 minutes before the game. He only has to eliminate the president. The last two are Secret Service Agents. There job is to protect the president and eliminate the sniper. The game ends when the president or the sniper is eliminate.

Garbage Can Lid Shield
Objective - Player elimination or capture the flag.
Two opposing teams each try to eliminate the other team or get the enemy flag back to their flag station, depending on which game is being played. The variation in this game is that each player has a metal garbage can lid, or similar shield, going into the game. Any hits to the shield do not count as a player elimination. This game is pretty tough when trying to use a pump and the shield at the same time.

Objective - Elimination
In superman one man preferably with a chest plate and an automatic has a 5 minute start where he or she can get positioned wherever he or she wishes. Then the other team consisting of over 10 members goes out and tries to hunt him or her. SUPERMAN can not be eliminated. The only way he or she can loose is if the opposing team grabs a flag in his back pocket and has holds it for 2 minutes. The other team can be eliminated as usual. * Tip* You will really want a chest protector if you are superman!!!

Objective - Team Elimination or rescue the hostage
One team defends a fortification of some kind with a hostage inside from the other team. The hostage is obviously unarmed. The team holding the hostage cannot leave the fortification. It is the job of the second team to rescue the hostage. The team holding the hostage may not shoot the hostage. The hostage may not move until touched by a member of the rescue team. The game is won by the defending team if the hostage is shot by the other team. The game is won by the rescue team if the hostage is removed from the fortification.



  1. A large beach ball.
  2. An inner tube.
  3. An empty 45 gallon drum (preferably the large plastic ones).
  4. A large can with marbles in it (makes lots of noise).
  5. A set of mechanic's coveralls stuffed with straw or newspaper.
  6. A large tire (that has to be rolled to be moved).
  7. A bucket of rocks.
  8. A 3 foot by 3 foot piece of plywood.
  9. A bed sheet (that has to be worn, like a toga, by the flag carrier).
  10. A football (that can be passed between team-mates -- as long as they haven't been eliminated)
  11. A paint grenade (that they have to "detonate" in the opponent's flag station)


Durty Dan


Mini scenario Games

Multiple 5 player teams.
Checkpoints (one for every team on the field) are spaced throughout the field. Each is clearly marked with a flag or some other marking device.
Each checkpoint also has a felt tipped pen hanging from a string. Each checkpoint has different coloured pen. Players may be informed of the general locations of the checkpoints. Each player has a card attached to his wrist (a playing card will do) by a string, rubber/elastic band. Each team starts near a checkpoint. This game requires a large field.

Players must mark their card with the markers provided at the checkpoint.
Every team member must attempt to mark his card, although this is not mandatory.
Players who are eliminated are not allowed to count the points they collected with their teamís score.
All players must begin the game at their flag station (or assigned starting point) and cannot leave that area until the game begins.
Players who are hit are out of the game.
Players who are eliminated may not, by word or gesture, indicate any intentions or locations of the opposing team members.
(From the cards of team members who were not eliminated) 1 point for each different coloured mark on a card.
5 bonus points for each instance where all the team cards are marked with a colour from the same checkpoint.
2 bonus points for each team member with card marks from every checkpoint.
The team with the highest score wins.


Paintball, we came we saw... and SPLAT!