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Last Updated November 13, 2015

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  1. ACME Labs Website- A collection of technical information
  2. Electronics Photo Gallery- A collection of electronics photos
  3. Jeffrey's Website
  4. X10 Home Automation - DOS based software for X10 PL513 module
  5. Basic Stamp Stuff- Circuits using the Parallax Basic Stamp
  6. Lego Stuff- A Lego control board for a PC
  7. Programming Stuff- Source code in various languages
  8. Hardware Stuff- Electronic circuit schematics
  9. Space Stuff- Space resources
  10. Robot Stuff- Design of Q1C1 robot
  11. Weather Stuff- How to make a weather station
  12. The "Scratcher" - Rapper music from VCR parts !
  13. 6502 Stuff- Security system using 6502 single board computer
  14. Parallel Port Stuff- Information on the parallel port
  15. PIC Chip Stuff- Microchip designs
  16. Linux Stuff- The "other" operating system
  17. X Box Stuff- How to hack an X box
  18. Hack a Hummer !- Turn an RC Hummer into an autonomous vehicle
  19. Serial Communications- Information on serial communications
  20. Down Load Page- Files to download from this site
  21. Mars Rover- Drive the Mars Rover !
  22. Apollo Guidance Computer- Build your own Apollo Guidance Computer !
  23. Apollo Guidance Computer Schematics- Apollo Guidance Computer Schematics
  24. What's New- What are the latest changes on this site
  25. Random Pictures- A collection of random photos
  26. AC Generator and Motor- Home Built AC Generator and Motor
  27. VCR Car- A small car made from VCR parts
  28. Math Stuff- A collection of Math links
  29. Circuit Analysis Stuff- A collection of Circuit Analysis links
  30. 68HC12 Stuff- A collection of 68HC12 links
  31. Velleman Kit # 8048- Velleman Electronics Kit # 8048

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Random Pictures - A collection of random photos