As a coach, I support my clients by helping them identify their dreams and goals, focus on actions that will take them there and provide accountability. When I used to work as a personal trainer, I helped my clients raise their standards for what they believed they could achieve physically (whether they were athletes or someone coming back from injury or struggling with illness or disability). Now, I challenge my clients to reach higher in their dreams, create options they didn’t have before and attain results they know are in line with what they truly want in life.

Just as my personal training clients didn’t reshape their bodies in one session, the performance/corporate coaching partnership also takes consistent commitment. This is what it usually looks like:

Our first conversation will be to determine whether we want to work together.

Once we’ve decided that we’re a good coaching match, I ask clients for a minimum initial commitment. This is to make sure that we have enough time to (define what we want to achieve together and) see some results.

We meet/speak at least once monthly. I will hold you accountable for actions you committed to take between sessions. I will also be your biggest cheerleader. You are invited to check in by email if ever you need some extra support during the week. Fees for one-on-one coaching services are payable in advance on a monthly basis.

The focus of one-on-one coaching can be on:

  • your business if you’re an owner
  • your career: increased performance and great results = career progression
  • your life: a mix of business, career, personal goals that you want to focus on

If you want to find out whether coaching with me is for you, please email me or call me to book some time for a conversation.