Sunyjim's Paintball Club

Club Rules

Ready for the action!

1. Don't shoot Bambi, Thumper or the birds. Yes, I know woodland creatures make tantalizing targets, but be nice to them.

2. Garbage is not to be left on the field, or at the base camp. Repeated complaints of garbage found on field, will result in suspension from play

3. Players are expected to maintain good sportsmanship at all times. Repeated instances of bad sportsmanship will result in the suspension from play. No physical contact.

4. Whistle Codes: When you hear a Single whistle the other team is Ready to Play. Repeat the single whistle if you are also ready. The team that blew the first single blast will now blow a double whistle to signify that the game is on. Repeat the double whistle and play.

5. Hand shots and shots on your marker DO NOT COUNT.

6. When playing with two flags, the flag only needs to be pulled from its stand to win. When playing with Center flag, the flag must be returned to your opponents end to win.

7. 'Hopper Ball' means only the balls in your hopper with no reloading during the game. Base Hopper Ball' means reloading may only be done at your flag station. Unlimited Ball' means harnesses and Tubes are allowed with no limits on paint.

8. We have a surrender rule if you sneak up within 10ft undetected by your opponent, call surrender and they must call themselves out, they may not shoot.  (keep in mind you are not a hand grenade and can't call surrender on a group of opponents)
If you know each other are there, but get within 10 feet and YOU don't wish to be shot so close you may call DRAW!. If you are within 10ft of another player, either may call draw. Turn and run while counting to 20. There is no refusal to a draw and you may not shoot that player once they have called it. It is your responsibility if you don't want to be shot a close range to yell draw, the opponent should also act responsibly to call draw if someone is approaching.

9. All players must stay within the boundary of the paintball field, as defined or described by the referee.

10. If you are hit with a paintball that breaks on contact, you will immediately raise your hand, call yourself "OUT". Once a player has been tagged, players will hold his or her paint marker in an upward direction, and continually call themselves "OUT" until they have left the field. Once a player has left the field, he may not re-enter for any reason.

11. Eliminated or ejected players may not talk to, pass or drop equipment (including but not limited to CO2, paintballs, and paint markers), or in any way aid or hinder any active players. Eliminated players may not communicate with any other players on the field. (Your dead, act that way)

12. Any player that wipes away the paint' from the hit of a paintball, from themselves or a fellow team-mate during game play, will be banned from all further paintball play. No exceptions.


Paintball, we came we saw... and SPLAT!